onsdag 9 februari 2011

Stephin Merritt - del 5

Det här är sista delen i min lilla Stephin Merritt-hyllning.

I wish I had an evil twin 
running 'round doing people in
I wish I had a very bad
and evil twin to do my will
To cull and conquer, 
cut and kill
Just like I would if I weren't good
and if I knew where to begin.
Down and down he'd go
how low no one would know
Sometimes the good life wears thin
I wish I had an evil twin


"Caution caution caution!
To prevent electric shock
do not do not do not remove cover
No user serviceable parts inside.
Refer service to qualified service personell."

Let this be the epitaph for my heart
Cupid put too much poison in the dart


You know me
I take nothing seriously
I can see a laughing face in every willow tree
But I'd rather be the queen at the guillotine
In a bloody insurrection
I would rather be king when the rooks take wing
Than be losing your affection

Från I Wish I Had an Evil Twin, Epitaph For My Heart och Losing Your Affection.

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